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The Right Tanning Lotion
Really Does Matter

Better results are derived from your tanning session when using a tanning product! The lotion keeps skin moisturized during the session, and helps with opening the pores and magnifying your UV exposure to let light get deeper. Some tanners who are already very dark can bre
ak through their tanning plateau by using a high quality lotion.

Tanning products help the tanning process by three key reasons: Magnification, Moisturization and Skin Conditioning. We sell and recommend lotions from the following companies.

  • Emerald Bay Lotion
  • Matahari
  • California Tan
  • Designer Skin and many more!

Vision Quest Sport and Fitness is the premier tanning spot in Auburn! We're open 24 hours a day and boast no contacts, no membership fees and best of all, no hassle!

An introduction to the tanning process:
Indoor tanning keeps growing each year and has now become the preferred choice of millions of people. The reasons are simple. Indoor tanning provides a year round, convenient, controlled environment for people of all types who want to enjoy the look and feel of a tan body. It is very important to understand the tanning process so you can know what to expect from your next visit to Vision Quest.

Once you've got some color: After you have started tanning, your session length can be adjusted slowly till you reach the desired level of darkening ó but keep in mind, everybodyís skin is different! Even after building a base tan, some people with fair skin may never be able to stay in a tanning bed for the maximum session time.

Always use caution when you begin tanning indoors, or if you are someone switching to a new tanning center and are unfamiliar with their tanning beds. Comparing session times in two different pieces of equipment from two different tanning establishments can be like comparing apples to oranges. Often, there can be a drastic difference in twenty minutes in one tanning bed versus another--even if the two units look similar. There can be a large variance in the quality of equipment and bulbs from one establishment to another which can result in a bad burn. Your Vision Quest tanning consultant will make a recommendation for your first session, as they are more familiar with our equipment.

How often should I tan? Most people donít know how often they should tan. When building a base tan, 48 hours is the recommended time between sessions. Depending upon the bed type, it usually takes from 1-3 sessions to notice results. Once you have an established tan, it is usually only necessary to tan two or three times a week.

Also, tanning beds tend to dry skin. Once you begin to develop a tan, the best way to preserve it is to take good care of your skin. Using a lotion, like one of the ones we carry at Vision Quest, is strongly encouraged.

Eyecovers available:Vison Quest requires that all users of our tanning beds use some form of eye protection. You should always wear eye protection when using a tanning bed. Your eyelids do not provide adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation -- even if you keep them closed.

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